Powering the Future of Electric Vehicles

Revolutionizing EVs with Efficient, Lightweight, and Long-Lasting Batteries Welcome to EXTENDED, where we’re transforming the EV landscape. Our advanced solid-state battery system offers improved charging, extended range, and eco-friendly design. With our cutting-edge Battery Management System, enjoy optimal performance and long-lasting reliability.

Modular Battery Systems: State-of-the-Art Design

Experience cutting-edge battery technology with our modular battery systems. By applying state-of-the-art models and sizing methods, we have developed a design that is both modular and scalable, allowing for seamless integration into different applications. Our systems utilize solid-state battery cell technology, providing enhanced performance and reliability. With our advanced approach, we are revolutionizing the way batteries are designed and utilized in various industries.

Decarbonization Strategies: Sustainable Transport Solutions

At EXTENDED, we are committed to decarbonizing future transport applications. Through early deployment of safe and energy-saving solutions, we aim to create a sustainable and eco-friendly transportation ecosystem. Our team focuses on developing technical roadmaps and closely monitoring key indicators for success. We believe in collaborative efforts, forging partnerships with relevant stakeholders to overcome barriers and enable the successful implementation of our innovative solutions for greener mobility.