WP1 - Use-cases, Metrics and Baseline

The main objective of the project is to develop an efficient, safe, lightweight, eco-design battery pack considering the safety and security aspects with required smart algorithms to optimise the usage of the onboard energy considering major issues of 3 different vehicle categories (passenger vehicle, bus, and  aeroplanes). Throughout the WP1 lifetime, existing technologies, as well as challenges will be reviewed deeply to identify the technical and non-technical requirements. As a result of, WP1 a common framework will be set up for the requirements and specifications for each level (starting the rom cell level up to the application level) together with metrics (KPI), which will be used to measure the success of the overall project. In this context, specific targets of the WP1 will be identified as the:
• Use-cases (Ucs) and respective baselines
• Specifications and requirements (functional and non-functional) at the cell, component, and system level
• Safety and security requirements
• Key performance indicators

The following reports are (or will be) available. When confidential information is included a public summary will be at your disposal.

  • D1.1: Report on use-cases and metrics
  • D1.2: Report on the requirements and specifications for the different use cases
  • D1.3: Report on the final interfaces
  • D1.4: Literature survey papers for SSB and subsystem