WP5 - Mechanical Solutions

The goal of WP5 is to develop mechanical solutions for a high-performance solid-state battery system with significantly increased energy density and lower cost. In addition, a major focus is put on an enhancement of safety aspects in case of fire as well as on a significantly lower environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and improving dismantling.
The mechanical solutions are combined in the development of a novel solid-state battery enclosure and the corresponding cell holder. In this context, specific targets are:

  • Innovative mechanical structures for the optimum and safe integration of solid-state cells in the battery system
  • Cost-efficient lightweight design and increased energy density using reinforced polymer materials and function integration
  • A significant reduction in the carbon footprint of the structural battery system
  • Significantly enhanced safety against fire

The following reports are (or will be) available. When confidential information is included a public summary will be at your disposal.

  • D5.1: Preliminary report of mechanical design solutions
  • D5.2: Final report of mechanical solutions
  • D5.3: Mechanical Solutions Prototype Manufacture