WP9 - Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

  • Maximise the dissemination of project results to bring widespread awareness to the broader public through presentations at webinars, conferences, publications and the project website;
  • Generate high impact by carrying out customised communication activities towards relevant industries in the batteries and mobility sector along with the relevant policymakers.
  • Develop exploitation strategies to ensure project innovations can be successfully brought to the market and to facilitate technology transfer and accelerate the dissemination of project innovations;
  • To achieve optimum knowledge management including appropriate handling of IPR; implementation and exploitation of the obtained results.
  • Contribute, upon invitation by the CINEA, to common information and dissemination activities to increase the visibility and synergies between HE/H2020 supported actions.

The following reports are (or will be) available. When confidential information is included, a public summary will be at your disposal.

  • D9.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan (Initial)
  • D9.2: Communication and Dissemination Plan (mid.term)
  • D9.3: Communication and Dissemination Plan (final)
  • D9.4: Initial Business models and exploitation plan
  • D9.5: Final Buriness models and ploitation plan
  • D9.6: Preliminary IPR management plan
  • D9.7: Final IPR management plan