WP7 - Testing and Validation

This WP aims at prototyping battery modules for each use-case in WP1 as well as testing and validation at TRL5. The main objectives of this WP are as follows.

  • Definition of the testing scenario for each use case covering all the requirements and design criteria
  • Prototyping battery modules/packages of 5-10 kWh according to the system architecture and solutions developed in WP2-WP6
  • Performance testing and validation of the prototypes under realistic built-in operational conditions and use of a set of load profiles based on the defined use-cases in WP1.

The following reports are (or will be) available. When confidential information is included a public summary will be at your disposal.

  • D7.1: Report on test plans and scenarios
  • D7.2: Battery module assembly and prototyping
  • D7.3: Module performance testing and validation
  • D7.4: Module Aging Tests