WP4 - Thermal Solutions

The objective of WP4 is to validate the WP2 battery thermal management system (bTMS) numerical evaluation and experimentally test the solid-state battery module under different real environment conditions. The normal and extreme thermal operating conditions of the battery package will be evaluated based on the considered solid-state battery
technology. The solutions proposed in WP2 to avoid or minimize the battery thermal runaway and maximize the efficiency will be tested. The new proposal of improvements in the bTMS as well as a strategy to control the cell’s temperatures will be delivered in this WP4.

Specific targets of the WP4: Thermochemical and thermophysical properties of the cells, design of the intramodular battery thermal management solution, selection of the bTMS components, design of the control strategy of the bTMS and numerical evaluate the safety of the package.

The following reports are (or will be) available. When confidential information is included a public summary will be at your disposal.

  • D4.1: Thermal characterization of the components of the battery system
  • D4.2: Preliminary thermal design of the bTMS
  • D4.3: Safety solutions for the battery module and pack
  • D4.4: Final thermal design of the bTMS